Spring and summer

These two seasons call for tourism and cycling. Directly from Boží Dar you can go on 15 cycling circuits and routes for road, trekking and mountain bikes. Bicycle downhill lovers and hikers on off-road scooters will also be great.

Hiking tourists will appreciate a wide selection of trails – from 3km of barrier-free walks to long-distance trails with more demanding terrain.

Families with children will appreciate the Novako children’s world, the Cetina of Jesus (shorter circuit 6km and 12km longer), Klínovec lookout tower and other attractions nearby.


At the turn of summer and autumn you will find a paradise for mushroom pickers and blueberry pickers. You should also not forget to bring your wish to Jesus, who not only has his post, but also the so-called Jesus way. Children learn about Jesus’ helpers on this “learning” trail. NordicWalking lovers will also come to theirs.


Bozi Dar lies on the Czech-German border in the saddle between the highest mountain Krušné hory Klínovec (1244 m above sea level) and Božídarský Špičák (1115 m above sea level). Thanks to this, you will find ideal conditions for all winter sports. Several cross-country skiing centers are directly part of the village. Great conditions and facilities are also available for snoboarding, snowkiting, snowtubing and snowshoeing.